Investment Strategy


  • With the European debt crisis, UK property sellers (primarily banks) have been forced to offload assets from their balance sheets
  • UK banks have to increase their Tier 1 Core Capital according to Basel III rules
  • Platinum Estates offers the opportunity to invest in distressed property portfolios in the United Kingdom, mainly in London
  • Real estate in prime locations within London is seen as a safe haven for wealth preservation, attracting international demand for high quality properties
  • London is a level playing field with prime real estate offering yields as reliable as government bonds and potential capital gain at the same time

What we do

  • Platinum Estates will acquire properties primarily from distressed sellers such as banks, financial institutions, funds and problematic owners
  • Asset classes include prime hotels, office buildings, residential development and serviced apartments and mixed use projects
  • With a strong belief to withstand market fluctuations, Platinum Estates focuses on assets with a strong rental income flow
  • Platinum Estates will look for potential to add value to the assets and in turn to enhance rental income flow
  • Key cities in Europe will be targeted, with the main focus in UK and Spain
  • Targeted leverage levels of 50% with a maximum of 70% of total project costs

Our Vision

Local Knowledge - Transaction Principle - Intelligent Project Management